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U.S Patent 8,684,050

This is just the beginning.
Inventor Will

I'm passionate about finding ways to help contribute to a greener world for our children. I had a vision of a one gallon dispenser that sits in a refrigerator and a next generation spigot that would connect to cups and or juice boxes for a fast, clean fill. I partnered up with a talented design engineer for plastics that helped me bring this innovative concept to life and my first product was born. Its a Zero Waste Juice Box Dispenser Kit. I plan with your help to disrupt the Juice Box Industry. Why? Over 4B Juice Boxes are thrown out each year and most end up in land fills. “Each year in the U.S., we use over 4 million tons of this multi-layer packaging to make juice boxes and pouches” “The multiple layers work like a charm, but you can’t recycle, so they wind up in landfills or floating in the ocean and they’ll never degrade. Lets please take action now for today and help generations to come.